How do I mount a network drive?

How do I mount a network drive? 

Click on the Computer tab. In the Computer ribbon, click on the Map network drive button, and then select Map network drive from the drop-down list.


  1. Select a drive letter from the Drive drop-down.
  2. Enter the path of the folder (e.g., Phoenix [EFS] drive).
  3. Click Finish.

How do I mount a network drive in Ubuntu? 

How to Mount a SMB Share in Ubuntu
  1. Step 1: Install the CIFS Utils pkg. sudo apt-get install cifs-utils.
  2. Step 2: Create a mount point. sudo mkdir /mnt/local_share.
  3. Step 3: Mount the volume. sudo mount -t cifs //<vpsa_ip_address>/<export_share> /mnt/<local_share> You can get the vpsa_ip_address/export_share from your VPSA GUI.

How do you mount a Windows network drive in Linux? The safest way to mount Windows-shared folders on Linux is to use the CIFS-utils package and mount the folder using the Linux terminal. This allows Linux machines to access SMB file shares used by Windows PCs. Once installed, you can then mount your Windows share folder from the Linux terminal.

How do I mount a NAS folder in Linux? 

  1. Access the management page of the BlackArmor. Get the IP address from the LCD of your BlackArmor. Open a web browser and enter the IP.
  2. Ensure the share you want to access is setup for NFS. Go to the Network section and then to Shares.
  3. Setup the NFS Service.

How do I mount a network drive? – Additional Questions

How do I access my NAS drive from Linux?

In the [Connect to Server] field, enter your NAS’s Samba location (for example: smb:// and then click on [Connect]. Enter your NAS username and password and then click [Connect].

What is NFS mount in Linux?

Network File Sharing (NFS) is a protocol that allows you to share directories and files with other Linux clients over a network. Shared directories are typically created on a file server, running the NFS server component. Users add files to them, which are then shared with other users who have access to the folder.

How do I mount a shared folder?

  1. Open VirtualBox.
  2. Right-click your VM, then click Settings.
  3. Go to Shared Folders section.
  4. Add a new shared folder.
  5. On Add Share prompt, select the Folder Path in your host that you want to be accessible inside your VM.
  6. In the Folder Name field, type shared.
  7. Uncheck Read-only and Auto-mount, and check Make Permanent.

How mount NFS share Ubuntu?

In the following method, we will mount the NFS directory manually using the mount command.
  1. Step 1: Create a mount point for the NFS server’s shared directory. Our first step will be to create a mount point directory in the client’s system.
  2. Step 2: Mount the NFS server shared directory on the client.
  3. Step 3: Test NFS share.

What is CIFS and NFS?

NFS (Network File System) and CIFS (Common Internet File System) are protocols designed to allow a client system to view and access files stored on a remote computing device, such as a server or a PC. CIFS is a dialect of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol that is used by most current storage systems.

Which is better SMB or NFS?

In random read, NFS and SMB fare equally with plain text. However, NFS is better with encryption. In the case of random writing, NFS is better than SMB in both plain text and encryption. If you use rsync for file transfer, NFS is a better choice in plain text and encryption.

Which is better CIFS or SMB?

Data storage size is also more compared to CIFS Protocol. SMB is a high-level application network protocol, while CIFS is a TCP/IP Protocol. CIFS was considered as a “chatty protocol” that was a huge bug and had network issues. SMB has overcome it by a pipelining mechanism.


NFS (Network File System) is a protocol that is used to serve and share files on a network. Similar protocols include SMB (Server Message Block) and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). In short, a NAS system can use the NFS protocol to perform its task. However, a NFS is not a NAS.

Is NFS still used?

Sure, there are still millions of Unix boxes using NFS, but now there are also millions of virtualized Windows servers that are running from NFS storage through the hypervisor. More and more storage vendors are recommending NFS over iSCSI for virtualization deployments for a wide variety of reasons.

How does NFS mount work?

An NFS uses a basic system where a “mount” command will prompt the server to link with many clients. The clients will get access to the same files on the server through the proper platform. The design can use security protocols to dictate who will access certain files, producing a simplified and safe approach to work.

What are NAS mounts?

On UNIX, NAS volumes are mounted to the system running the resource manager. The mount point is a directory in a local file system. If the connection to the NAS device is lost, the resource manager will continue to store objects in the mount directory, and could fill up the file system.

What is NAS path in Unix?

Network attached storage (NAS) allows using TCP/IP network to backup files. This enables multiple servers in IDC to share the same storage for backup at once, which minimizes overhead by centrally managing hard disks. NAS is scalable, high performance network solution.

How do I set up my NAS?

Can NAS be used as a server?

NAS devices can also be used to host applications. They provide many of the same services as an application server, but with more basic settings and less customization. They also offer fewer choices in terms of the applications that users can run.

Is NAS better than cloud?

Price. The final issue is price, and for heavy use, NAS wins hands down. Most cloud services will offer a few gigabytes of storage for free, and if you’re able to stay within this limit, then the cloud is the better option. But for large amounts of storage, the prices hardly compare.

Can NAS replace a file server?

The NAS can be used to replace Windows Server and be used for data sharing onsite or remotely. It however does not have the capacity to run applications which is a shortcoming of the NAS compared to a Server. However, for simple server function NAS can be a viable alternative.

Whats the difference between a file server and a NAS?

File servers and NAS devices are both able to facilitate the sharing of files across devices on a network. That said, the manner in which they do so is quite different. While NAS devices are sold as simple solutions, the typical file server offers more powerful hardware and greater functionality.