Is it a horse or an horse?

Is it a horse or an horse? A horse” is correct. The article is always used before a noun but according to pronunciation, Article “A” is used for consonant pronunciation and Article “An” is used for vowel pronunciation.

Is it a uncle or an uncle? You will always use “a” before a consonant sound and “an” before a vowel sound, which is why “a uncle” is incorrect while “an uncle” is correct.

Is it a ant or an ant? An ant is correct. ‘An’ is used before words beginning either with a vowel or a vowel sound.

Is it a eagle or an eagle? We used the term ‘eagle’ for the first time in the text. So, we are talking about ‘eagle’ in general and not pointing out to a specific eagle here. Thus, we need to use an indefinite article and since the word ‘eagle’ begins with a vowel sound, we should use the indefinite article ‘an’.

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Is it a onion or an onion?

An onion. The word “onion” begins with a vowel sound of “o”. So it takes the indefinite article “an”.

Is it an ear or a ear?

An ear” is correct because the indefinite article “a” always becomes “an” when preceding a vowel sound.

Is it a apple or an apple?

“An apple” is correct because “apple” begins with a vowel sound. The general rule is that “a” precedes words beginning with a consonant sound while “an” precedes words starting with vowel sounds. “A” and “an” are both indefinite articles that show the noun refers to a general thing and not a specific one.

Is it an ink or a ink?

Ink is in a class of words that does not accept determiners like “a” “an” and “the”. Instead the correct sentence is “This is ink.”

Is it an ice cream or a ice cream?

If you are using a word with a silent ‘h’ such as ‘honourable’ or ‘honest’ then you have to use ‘an’. Therefore it would be “an honourable man” and “an honest mistake”. With words such as ‘umbrella’, ‘ice cream’ and ‘apple’ you have to use “an umbrella”, “an ice cream” and “an apple”.

Which is correct an elephant or a elephant?

1 Answer. An Elephant. Any time a word starts with a vowel, (A, E, I, O, U) then its An, if the word starts with a continent, then it is A.

Is it a eye or an eye?

If you’re wondering whether you should use an eye or a eye, the correct answer is: an eye. Eye starts with the vowel “e” and is also pronounced like the vowel “i”. Since “eye’ begins with a vowel sound, we use the article “an” before it.

Is it a octopus or an octopus?

an octopus – octopus starts with a vowel sound. a one track mind – one-track starts has a w sound.

Is it A or an cat?

a + consonant SOUND

If the following word starts with a consonant SOUND, then we say a: a cat.

Is it a or an dog?

The indefinite Article “A/ An” is used before a singular common noun used to stand for the whole class. e.g. A dog is a faithful animal. Compare: Dogs are faithful animals.

Is it a or an before H?

For the letter “H”, the pronunciation dictates the indefinite article: Use “a” before words where you pronounce the letter “H” such as “a hat,” “a house” or “a happy cat.” Use “an” before words where you don’t pronounce the letter “H” such as “an herb,” “an hour,” or “an honorable man.”

Which is correct a orange or an orange?

An orange” is the correct way to say the phrase. The noun “orange” begins with a vowel sound, so you would use the article “an.” Article usage depends on the sound the word starts with, whether the object is known or unknown, and how many oranges there are.

Which is correct an honest or a honest?

An honest is correct the word honest starts with a vowel sound, since the letter “h” is not pronounced in this situation. It happens with other words that start with “h”.

Which is correct an uniform or a uniform?

For example, it’s ‘an umbrella’ and ‘an undertaking’ because both ‘umbrella’ and ‘undertaking’ start with ‘uh’ sounds for the vowel ‘u’. However, it’s ‘a universe’ and ‘a uniform’ because ‘uniform’ is pronounced with a ‘y’ sound (yuniform). The same is true for words like utensil, university and unique.

Is it a European or an European?

‘An’ is used before words which begin with a vowel sound. Note that we are talking about sounds and not spelling. For example the word “European” begins with the vowel letter ‘e’ but it is pronounced with the consonant sound / j /. Therefore we say and write, “He’s British but he thinks of himself as a European.”

Is it an American or a American?

I am an American is the correct. Rule is if a word starts with vowels ie a, e i, o , u. It should be qualified with “an” if the word is a consonant then it should be qualified with ‘a’.

Is it a Honour or an Honour?

An honor” is the correct way to word this phrase. Examining the word’s initial sound following the article “a” or “an” helps to understand why. “A” is always used before a word that starts with a consonant sound, and “an” is always used before a word that begins with a vowel sound, like “honor.”