What EOF in Linux?

What EOF in Linux? The EOF operator is used in many programming languages. This operator stands for the end of the file. This means that wherever a compiler or an interpreter encounters this operator, it will receive an indication that the file it was reading has ended.

What is  Basically <<EOF tells the shell that you are going to enter a multiline string until the “tag” EOF. You can name this tag as you want, it’s often EOF or STOP.

What does  

A command with the << operator will do the following things :
  1. Launch the program specified in the left of the operator, cat for instance.
  2. Grab user input, including newlines, until what is specified on the right of the operator is met on one line, EOF for instance.

How do you EOF with a cat? 

How To Cat EOF For Multi-Line String In Linux Bash?
  1. Put Multi-line String Into A File. The cat, EOF, << and > can be used to put the multi-line string into a file.
  2. Assign Multi-line String Into A Bash Variable. The cat, EOF, << can be used to assigne multi-line string into a bash variable.
  3. Pass Multi-line String To A Pipe.

What EOF in Linux? – Additional Questions

What is cat

Cat is short for concatenate. This command displays the contents of one or more files without having to open the file for editing. In this article, learn how to use the cat command in Linux. A system running Linux. Access to a terminal window / command line.

What is cat >?

use cat << EOT >> to insert actual strings and escape logic.

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