How do I find a current user?

How do I find a current user? Type whoami and press Enter. Your current user name will be displayed.

Who is logged in Linux? The best Linux command to check the logged-in users is using w command. All we need is to open the terminal then type w in the prompt. This command shows who’s logged in and what they are doing. It displays information about current users on the machine by reading the file /var/run/utmp, and their processes from /proc.

Who is logged in Unix? Linux Command To List Current Logged In Users. w command – Shows information about the users currently on the machine, and their processes. who command – Display information about users who are currently logged in.

How do I see recent activity in Linux? To show the most recent login activity using auth. log data, you can run a command like this one: $ grep “New session” /var/log/auth.

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Which command helps you to see the users who are logged in?

Users command is used to print the user name who are all currently logged in the current host. It is one of the command don’t have any option other than help and version. If the user using, ‘n’ number of terminals, the user name will show in ‘n’ number of time in the output.

Which command is used to know who is logged into the computer in Linux?

To display the current login user in the Linux system, we use the whoami command without any option and arguments as shown below.