What is M in Linux?


What is M in Linux? Control M ( ^M) characters are introduced when you use lines of text from a windows computer to Linux or Unix machine. Most common reasons are when you directly copy a file from a windows system or submit form data copied and pasted from a windows machine.

How do I delete a group in Linux?


How do I delete a group in Linux? To delete(remove) a given group from the system, invoke the groupdel command followed by the group name. The command above removes the group entry from the /etc/group and /etc/gshadow files. On success, the groupdel command does not print any output.

Does Debian have a desktop?


Does Debian have a desktop? Debian supports all kinds of graphical environments, ranging from full-featured desktop environments, to lighter alternatives and even minimalist but powerful window managers. A desktop environment provides a coherent suite of applications in terms of look, functionality, and usability. How it works?

What should my Debian hostname be?


What should my Debian hostname be? Change the System Hostname It is recommended to use a fully-qualified domain name ( FQDN ) as the system hostname. There are two steps involved when changing the system hostname on Debian 10.

Can I install IntelliJ on Ubuntu?


Can I install IntelliJ on Ubuntu? On Ubuntu 22.04, you can install IntelliJ IDEA via terminal or Ubuntu Software application. To utilize the terminal method, install the required packages and import the IntelliJ IDEA PPA to the system.

Is netfilter a firewall?


Is netfilter a firewall?
Netfilter is a framework provided by the Linux kernel that allows various networking-related operations to be implemented in the form of customized handlers.Netfilter.

Stable release
5.18.14 / 23 July 2022

Operating system

Linux kernel module Packet filter/firewall



Understanding IVA and DBS Checks: Clarifying Common Misconceptions


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