What is meta package Ubuntu?

What is meta package Ubuntu? One of the handy features of apt (the packaging system used by Ubuntu) is the use of metapackages. These packages do not contain actual software, they simply depend on other packages to be installed. This setup allows entire sets of software to be installed by selecting only the appropriate metapackage.

What is Linux Meta? A ‘meta-package’ is a convenient way to bulk-install groups of applications, their libraries and documentation. Many Linux distributions use them for a variety of purposes, from seeding disk images that will go on to become new releases, to creating software “bundles” that are easy for a user to install.

What is meta package in Debian? Metapackages are used by the blend as a convinient way of collecting together related software packages. Each metapackage when installed will cause the package management system to install the packages related to the task. The following metapackages are currently maintained by the blend: Task name. Metapackage.

What is the difference between a package and a Metapackage? Metapackages describe a set of packages that are used together. Metapackages are referenced just like any other NuGet package. By referencing a metapackage, you have, in effect, added a reference to each of its dependent packages.

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What is meta package in Ros?

Metapackages are specialized Packages in ROS (and catkin). They do not install files (other than their package. xml manifest) and they do not contain any tests, code, files, or other items usually found in packages. A metapackage is used in a similar fashion as virtual packages are used in the debian packaging world.

What is a meta package Arch?

A meta package is a way to install ‘lots’ of software. It is a bundle of packages installed with one command. Read all about it on the wiki of Arch Linux. We install all the wallpapers (500MB) with this single command: sudo pacman -S arcolinux-wallpapers-submicron-3840×2400-wquxga-git-meta.